Dressing Up for Boyfriend – E. Jean Advice on Putting Effort in Appearance Once You’re in a Relationship

Dear E. Jean: My boyfriend asks why I don’t dress up like I once did. He says he longs for “the good old days” when I showed I cared about him. But the truth is, I’m just so comfortable with him that I feel I can be myself. E. Jean, must I put on a dress and mascara?

E. Jean: Yes, you must. You’ll look great in the dress. He’ll feel great that you dressed up, and nothing will be as great as you both coming home together and putting on your old pajamas.

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What Kind of Mom You’re Going to Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Motherhood, particularly the idea of motherhood, can be a scary thing. While you might want to be a mom, see yourself as a mom, and even act sometimes like a mom—to bring a kid into this world is a big leap of faith. But what kind of mom will you be? The AstroTwins delve right into that very topic—and even how to raise different signs/quiet those tantrums—in their book Momstrology. Here, a look at the type of mom you’re destined to be.