Broad City Sex Toys – Broad City and Lovehoney Release a Line of Adult Toys


On one of my favorite episodes of Broad City, Abbi calls Ilana for advice. Her date, Jeremy, as just asked her to peg him, and she doesn’t know what to do. When I first watched it, I panicked. Though I knew the show was sex-positive and inclusive, I worried this would become an easy vehicle for gay panic jokes. Of course, Broad City wouldn’t do me like that. “This is a dream come true!” Ilana chirps.

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So maybe it’s no surprise that Broad City now has their own line of sex toys.

In a collaboration with sex toy retailer Lovehoney, Broad City has released a line of 14 sex toys, many of which reference the show. There’s the “pegasus” pegging kit, the lipstick vibrator in a mint green color Ilana has worn on the show, the “man on a mission” sleeve masturbator, and the “nature’s pocket” kegel balls, which unscrew to double as a place to hide your stash like Ilana has done on the show.

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Lovehoney co-founder Neal Slateford told that, while they’ve partnered with bands like Motley Crue and the film Fifty Shades of Grey, this is the first time he knows of that a TV show has wanted to release a line of sex toys. But, given how often sex and masturbation is discussed on the show, it makes sense.

And, similar to Fifty Shades of Grey, he’s hoping that the line can help reach people who are curious about sex toys but don’t know where to start. “We know we have these ‘considerers,’ and they need something to give them permission to buy a sex toy. For the younger demographic, this is it. Two years ago, for a slightly older demographic, it was Fifty Shades of Grey. That gave a load of middle aged women permission to say ‘Yes I will go buy some nipple clamps.” Broad City is a younger demographic, but it’s giving them permission to try.”

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Shows like Broad City have certainly promoted an open conversation about sex and sexuality, but according to Slateford, “it’s a reflection of what’s going on instead of them setting the agenda.” Sex toys are mainstream. They’re sold alongside condoms and crowdfunded on Kickstarter. The assumption for many young women is not if you use one, but which ones you use. But what Broad City does so well is normalize a range of sexual experiences. Women don’t just have to be into vibrators and dildos. They can get excited about butt plugs, pegging, and kegel balls.

Which means we may be seeing more branded sex toys in the future. “There is more and more interest from mainstream celebrities in getting into this category,” said Slateford. “When I started to go to licensing shows five to six years ago, nobody wanted to talk to me.”

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