Mental health visits spike prior to burn injury, indicating opportunity for intervention

In a new study examining the relationship between mental health and burn injury, researchers note that burn injuries may be preventable through increased access to high-quality mental health care. The study’s findings also show that burn injury victims experience significantly increased rates of self-harm after their injuries.

Patients taking opioids prior to ACL surgery more likely to be on pain medications longer

More than 130,000 Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgeries take place each year with the majority of patients not requiring pain medication after three months post-operatively. However, researchers have found that those patients who were filling opioid prescriptions prior to surgery were 10 times more likely to be filling prescriptions five months after surgery.

Prior dengue infection does not increase Zika disease severity

A study involving 65 people who live in and around São José do Rio Preto (São Paulo State, Brazil), where dengue is endemic and there was a particularly rapid outbreak of Zika during the 2016 epidemic, show that prior dengue infection in human beings infected by Zika does not necessarily lead to a worse illness.

Risk-reducing mastectomy questioned for BRCA mutation carriers with prior ovarian cancer

For the subset of women with BRCA mutations who have already had ovarian cancer, risk-reducing mastectomy might not be worth the price tag. New research finds that for many women in this unique group, prophylactic mastectomy does not produce a substantial survival gain compared to breast cancer screening and is not cost-effective.