Coping skills affect women's anxiety levels, study shows

Having a strong sense of coherence and good coping skills can help women facing adversity to overcome anxiety, research shows. The work found that women encountering difficult circumstances, such as living in a deprived community, who reported good coping skills did not have anxiety. However, women living in deprived communities but without these coping skills were at high risk of suffering from anxiety. This work is the largest study ever conducted on coping and the anxiety that arises from facing adverse circumstances, such as living in deprivation.

Increased endometrial cancer rates found in women with high levels of cadmium

Through a five-year observational study, researchers found that women with increased levels of cadmium — a metal commonly found in foods such as kidneys, liver and shellfish as well as tobacco — also had an increased risk of endometrial cancer. It’s an observation the researchers hope could lead to new treatments or interventions to prevent the fourth most common cancer in women.

Automated measure of nighttime oxygen levels could speed diagnosis of sleep apnea

Computer analysis of oxygen levels in the blood during sleep could — by itself — provide an easy, relatively inexpensive and sufficiently reliable way to determine which children who snore habitually could benefit from a diagnosis and treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. This approach was most accurate for children with severe apnea.