Super Fun Girls Getaway Ideas

Family vacations are great, and romantic getaways are crucial to a healthy marriage. But sometimes you just have to get away with your girls. Between work obligations, parenting duties, and keeping your husband from turning into your roommate, it can be tough to put the effort into maintaining your friendships. But your friends are crucial to your sanity — and a quickie girls’ trip can be all you need to reset, relax, and remember what it’s like to have fun without all your other responsibilities.

The Best Valentine’s Day Candy For Your Sign – Valentine’s Day Candy Ideas

To an always-on-the-go Virgo, Valentine’s Day is less about the sweets, and more about what you’ll be doing, ahem, afterwards. Instead of indulging in chocolates, you’d rather get a pack of mints — particularly ones like Altoids, where the ingredients are straightforward — so you’re all prepped for an inevitable makeout sesh, should Cupid strike. Practical and prepared.

The 8 Best Bachelorette Ideas

Bachelorette parties—an amazing time to remember (-ish), but planning one? Definitely not. We’re making your lives a bit easier by finding hotel deals across the country that are A+ for big groups of girls ready to explore, relax, and party. Call (or you know, email), book, done. Now bring on the debauchery.