Female Activists in History – Most Important Women’s Activists

If the recent Women’s March revealed anything, it’s that we have the power to stand up and demand change. Voices are meant to be heard, and it’s important to use them. Over the past century, there have been tons of amazing women who have dedicated their lives to supporting certain causes. Their work—whether through protests, social activism, or online campaigns—has made real change happen, ensuring that they leave the planet a better, more equal place. Here, ten women who fought for, and achieved, change.

The History of the Vibrator

There is a wonderful urban legend that says Egyptian queen Cleopatra ordered her servants to fill a carved out gourd with bees to stimulate her genitals, with the rhythmic buzzing inside the base turning the hollow gourd into a makeshift vibrator.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that this legend is probably fake, but it does shed light on a truth we all know: That women have always desired sexual pleasure and sought means to satisfy themselves with a little help from some creative tools.

Flash forward to today, when the vibrator is the crux of every woman’s sex toy collection; it is her trusty go-to tool. Yet what do we really know about vibrators? How did these things come about, if not for Cleopatra and her insect-gourd? Here, we trace the history of the vibrator, dating all the way back to prehistoric times.