Decreased glucose metabolism in medial prefrontal areas is associated with nutritional status in patients with prodromal and early Alzheimer's disease

A new study shows that hypometabolism in the medial prefrontal areas is specifically associated with Alzheimer’s disease-related nutritional problems, and decrease in fat mass may have a key role.

Ebola: Early immune response provides insight into vaccination

The latest outbreaks of emerging pathogens, such as Ebola or Zika, emphasize the importance of the rapid development of vaccines. However, being able to predict the efficacy of new vaccines remains a challenge in vaccine development. Scientists have now successfully assessed early on the longer-term immune response in humans after being vaccinated with the newly developed Ebola vaccine rVSV-ZEBOV.

Test of cervical mucus may reveal pregnant women's risk of going into labor too early

A new approach to evaluating the risk of preterm birth has been proposed by analyzing the properties of cervical mucus. The researchers found that cervical mucus from women who delivered their babies early, before 37 weeks, was very different from that of women who delivered later.