Largest study to date evaluates occupational health risks to hardmetal workers

Workers in the hardmetal industry are not at increased risk for lung cancer or any of 63 other potential causes of death, concluded the largest and most definitive study on this population to date. The study of more than 32,000 workers in five countries was performed after smaller French and Swedish studies indicated that tungsten carbide with a cobalt binder – the primary ingredients in hardmetal – may be linked to an increased risk of lung cancer.

I Know Exactly What Kind of Man I Want to Date. Why Can’t I Find Him?

Dear E. Jean: I live in a vibrant city, I have a job that is stimulating and friends I love, and yet I have trouble meeting men. It’s like I’m caught in a Venn diagram with only a small number of guys in the intersection. I’m an atheist, a feminist, and child-free—important qualities and beliefs that any of my prospective partners must share. I’m also lucky to have an IQ that consistently tests over 140 and would love to find someone similarly lucky.

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I’m completely open to dating fit men (they should be very into exercise) of any race, height, appearance, or income. So, you see, I’m very reasonable about some things! The icing on the cake: I’m into many forms of nonvanilla sex. Yet this restricts my search even more. Given the cross section of qualities I’m seeking, do you have any advice? —Empty Venn Diagram

Venn, My Violet: I know you’re a nonbeliever, Venn, honey, but God Herself couldn’t find a chap who fits into this diagram. Get rid of it.

The heroic requirements bristling in your letter boil down to just three—which I will reveal at the end of this answer. So now, Miss Venn, let us turn to the real question: Who is more successful at finding love? Women with long lists of romantic requirements? Or women with short lists?

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My colleague Kenneth Shaw and I took the weekend and analyzed 30 days’ worth of data from Tawkify, the matchmaking company we cofounded five years ago, which has grown into one of the largest in the nation. The results: Looking at the 1,047 dates we sent out (evening strolls, polo matches, picnics, wine tastings, scavenger hunts, etc.) in the month of May, the women (we didn’t analyze the men) who stipulated eight or fewer requirements for potential mates enjoyed nearly threetimes the success of women who listed between 9 and 34 requirements. (We define “success” as both people on the date wanting to see each other again.)

A chick with an IQ of 140 (and only one-fourth of 1 percent of the human population has an IQ as high as yours) cannot have much difficulty in comprehending why the short-list women tore the long-list women to shreds. A short-lister is open to the queenhell possibilities. A chap has a chance to captivate a short-lister with attractions she didn’t even know she wanted, and when a woman is captivated, it ignites a powerful fire in a fellow.

So, old girl, shall we give a boost to your love life and whittle down that list of yours? I advise you to seek a smart, open-minded guy who will tie you to the shower-curtain rod.

Why Can’t I Get a Second Date?

Miss E. Jean:I’m starting to feel like I’m missing an epic clue when it comes to dating. I have a good job and great friends, play sports, volunteer, etc.—a very full and fabulous life. I like to think I have a sparkling wit and a cute look, and that I’m an open person.

But I cannot get a second date!

After a recent (in my mind) wonderful date (well-planned by him, had drinks, lingered at our table overlooking the ocean, walked me to my door, texted me after), I get radio silence from him! Did I miss something? I have no problem meeting men or getting them to show interest, but I can’t seem to get anything off the ground. Is it me? —Stuck at Date No. 1

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Stuck, My Succotash: Bah! Who was this guy? Bill the Lizard from Alice in Wonderland? Forget it. It’s not you. It’s the Law of Small Numbers—any conclusion you draw after only two or three chaps will be crazy. Write to me when there’s “radio silence” after, say, the next 17 fellows. Meanwhile, here’s a juicy question for you: What’s the best night of the week for a first date?

Kenneth Shaw—Kenneth and I are cofounders of the matchmaking company Tawkify, which is galloping along at such a merry clip that our workforce has grown to more than 130, and if you laid the couples we’ve gotten together end-to-end, they’d reach from the Statue of Liberty to well beyond Mount Rushmore, or, at least, to the bust of Friedrich von Schiller in Central Park—anyway Kenneth, as I was saying, analyzed 1,000 dates Tawkify set up in a five-week period early in 2017. And what night do you think turned out to inspire the most “yes-yes” matches? (A yes-yes means both people want to see each other again.)

I guessed Thursday night. (I reasoned it had the least pressure.) Ha! Thursday was the worst night. We don’t know exactly why (yet), but Kenneth theorizes that people believe they might meet somebody better on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so they discount Thursday.

And the correct answer? The day named after the god of single combat, Tyr—viz, Tuesday. Tuesday nights were 30 percent more likely to touch off the divine spark (and result in a yes-yes) than the other nights of the week. I don’t know, but I suspect it’s because our rogue hormones are so surprised at being released on a boring evening, they let it rip like warrioresses. Knowledge is power. You know what to do, Miss Stuck!